I have been interviewed here about my writing:

Two Writers Slinging Yang: A podcast by New York Times Bestseller, Jeff Pearlman (8.28.18):

Writer’s Write Ep 21, discussing my Bleacher Report profile of Brandon Ingram and my writing and reporting process (10.12.18):

Clutch Conversations podcast (9.10.18):

Because of Sports podcast (6.14.18):

Writer’s Write podcast (6.18.18):–11—Mirin-Fader-e1tnp7

Q&A with The 30 Newsletter (4.25.18):

Timeout with Ti podcast (3.7.18):

670 the Score (3.3.18):

Cautiously Optimistic podcast (3.3.18):

The Darren Smith Show (3.1.18):

Downtown Rams podcast (11.19.17):

Cautiously Optimistic podcast (11.10.17):



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