Features for Game Point Magazine:

At Home on the Court (5.22.17):
There is a hoop, tall and sturdy. A net, white-grey, with two holes stretched out. Above that, a backboard, grey-black, with trails of original white poking through. Hovering above a driveway, with a slight dip on one side, an advantage or disadvantage depending on who’s on offense and who’s on defense. “We’ve had some good battles on this court,” said Ken Kikkawa, 52, wearing navy Air Jordans. He grew up here, in Pasadena, California, playing in local Japanese-American leagues. He now plays in a Master’s division for players over 40 years old. “I can still outshoot him,” Ken said, pointing to his 18-year-old son Kendall, who plays in the leagues and aspires to play college ball. “I don’t know about that,” said Kendall, who, in addition to his basketball prowess, is also a football player and once scored eight touchdowns in a game for Flintridge Prep. The one who can out-shoot them both walks over: Robert Kikkawa, 85, a founding member of the Pasadena Bruins organization in 1972. The hoop community calls him Lefty: “I used to shoot marbles left-handed,” he said, clutching a ball next to his son and grandson. Hoops has bound the Kikkawas and countless other SoCal Japanese-American families together. Unwelcome in mainstream leagues, Japanese Americans sustained their own through internment during World War II and discrimination faced in its aftermath. (READ FULL STORY HERE).

Features for The Athletic:

Big West Conference 2017-18 men’s basketball preview 10.16.17): 
There is a clear favorite in the Big West this season. Despite losing most of its offensive firepower, UC Irvine has the size, speed and defensive grit to take the conference crown. It will be up to UC Davis and Cal State Fullerton to give chase. (READ FULL STORY HERE).

WAC 2017-18 men’s basketball preview (10.18.17): 
There will be very few off nights in the WAC this season. Half of its teams played in postseason tournaments last year, and Cal State Bakersfield (NIT) and Utah Valley (CBI) made Final Four runs. Grand Canyon is the favorite, but New Mexico State, Utah Valley and CSU Bakersfield are more than capable of stealing the crown. (READ FULL STORY HERE).

Features for Teen Vogue:

This Teenage Soccer Player is Being Called “The Next Mia Hamm” (11.28.16):
The U.S. women’s soccer team inched closer to the goal. With the score knotted at 1-1 against Colombia at the Rio Olympic Games on Aug. 9, the ball landed at the feet of 18-year-old forward Mallory Pugh. Pugh, the second youngest women’s soccer Olympian in U.S. history, bolted toward the goal. She wasn’t going to be denied. “She doesn’t shy away from anything,” said Pugh’s soon-to-be college coach, UCLA’s Amanda Cromwell. “She wants to be a go-to player.” She zoomed past one defender, then a second, then a third, to the center of the box, creating a sliver of space for herself to power a left-footed shot. The ball whirled into the back of the net in the 60th minute, giving the U.S. a 2-1 lead. Pugh, bear-hugged by her teammates, became the youngest American soccer player to score in the Games. “She’s cold-blooded,” said Lorne Donaldson, president and director of coaching of Real Colorado, Pugh’s former club team. “Once she crosses the line, she turns on that switch.” She doesn’t panic. “That’s the kind of poise she brings,” said soccer legend Julie Foudy. “We need more players like Mallory who have that calm, and who have that poise, and who can be a game-changer. (READ FULL STORY HERE).

Features for Clippers.com:

NBA Brothers: Caron Butler and Lamar Odom Have Career-Long Connection(10.23.12):

Caron Butler received the ball on the block while posting up on one play in a team scrimmage during the first day of training camp at the Clippers’ Playa Vista Training Center. Securing the ball across his chest with his elbows out, he peered to his left, feeling new Clipper Lamar Odom’s arm bar up, not backing down on defense and ready to block the shot. Butler then drop-stepped to his other side, almost dunking on Odom, who couldn’t help but joke and trash talk in the excitement of being reunited with his long-time friend and former teammate. (READ FULL STORY HERE)

Bob Thate: Former Occidental College Star is Clippers Shooting Coach (12.2.12):
Bob Thate stood on the sideline with his hands folded against his chest an hour and a half before tipoff of the Los Angeles Clippers and defending champion Miami Heat game at STAPLES Center Nov. 14. He was eyeing the cornerstone of the Clippers offense, 6-foot-10 All-NBA forward Blake Griffin, shooting jumper after jumper, stepping back further out of his comfort zone, the paint. Make. Miss. Make. Make. Griffin looked over at Thate, the team’s new shooting coach, to see if he caught the last one. Thate nodded back as if to say, “Good. Keep holding that follow-through. Extend.” (READ FULL STORY HERE)


I have been interviewed here about my writing:

Cautiously Optimistic podcast (11.10.17): https://soundcloud.com/323626/cautiously-optimistic-38-mirin-fader

Half Street Sports (8.3.17): http://www.halfstreetsports.com/sports-culture/2017/8/2/mirin-fader

“Relatively Speaking Podcast” (7.28.17), beginning at 17:20 mark



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