January 31, 2018, published on (BRMag)

Asia Durr isn’t
blinking. Her No. 9 Louisville Cardinals are facing No. 5 Ohio State. Durr’s brown eyes are frozen, teeth clenched. She doesn’t see anyone. Doesn’t hear anything. In this moment, on this hardwood at Nationwide Arena in Columbus, someone is going to suffer. Scratch that. With the ball in her possession and 30 seconds to strike, an entire team will.

Durr jabs hard to the left, then crosses to the right—too quick, too slick—and her defender inevitably bites. Durr pops a step-back three, leaning like she knows it’s good. Of course it is. It’s only the first quarter, but she’s got that look in her eye.

Terry Durr, Asia’s father, who is seated directly across from the Louisville bench, recognizes that look immediately.

“She’s ready to destroy someone,” Terry says of his daughter. (READ FULL STORY HERE).