Sylvia Fowles’s Final Ride and the Last Days of a Legend

August 11, 2022, published on

Sylvia Fowles won’t let the sun catch her. She rises early each morning, the sky still dark and hazy. She doesn’t set an alarm; her body instinctively knows when to wake. She takes a seat on her Pilates mat, shuts her eyes, and meditates.

The room is quiet, but her mind is stirring. “Patience,” she thinks. “How can I be patient with myself and with others, if things don’t go my way?”

She breathes in, breathes out, concentrating on each inhale, exhale. When her mind drifts to the challenges of this season—her 15th and final WNBA campaign, and arguably her toughest yet—she lets the thoughts come and go. At 36, after years of setbacks and triumphs and disappointments and wins, Fowles trusts she will come back to her calm and center herself.

“You can’t fight your mind,” she says, “because the mind has a mind of its own.” (READ FULL STORY HERE).

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