There’s no prospect like evan mobley

Published on, July 28, 2021

Evan Mobley’s family had a fish tank, filled mostly with oscar and African cichlids variations. One afternoon, his father Eric returned home and went to feed them. As he was facing the tank and preparing the fish flakes, a loud noise startled him


He craned his neck and saw a pair of long legs whiz behind him. Eric realized those legs belonged to his youngest son. Evan, then a sixth grader and already taller than 6 feet, had performed a backflip over the marble floor in their house, shaking the ground upon landing on his feet. It could have been his head. 

Evan was thrilled. Eric was terrified. 

“Did you just do a backflip?!” Eric said.

“Yeah, Dad!” Evan squealed.

“Please don’t ever do that again,” Eric said, trying to maintain composure. “That is not safe.” 

Eric knew then: His son was different. (READ FULL STORY HERE).