September 1, 2020, on BleacherReport.com

A small teddy bear, tan-colored and smiling, sits on the couch. It’s wearing a gray Minnesota Vikings hooded sweatshirt, two holes up top for its round ears to pop out. Tyler Skaggs loved the Vikings.

Debbie Skaggs, Tyler’s mother, and Carli Skaggs, Tyler’s wife, sit on a beige couch in Carli’s parents’ home, staring at the bear. It’s adorable. Big brown nose. Little dotted eyes. Cuddly. Carli squeezes the bear’s right paw, and it plays a voicemail from Tyler, from when the left-handed pitcher was on the road with the Los Angeles Angels in 2015:

“Hey, I’m just calling to talk to you. I miss you, babe. I love you, baby. I miss you. Call me if you can. Hope you’re not asleep. Miss you. Bye.”

Carli lets a tear fall. The sound of Tyler’s sweet, upbeat voice is too much. “He said ‘I miss you’ three times,” she manages, through a mask, on this late July afternoon in Santa Monica, California. (READ FULL STORY HERE).